Format: Video

2014 Rat Rod and Rat Bike Motorama, Harrisburg, PA

Some great examples of deconstruction reconstructed:

AC/DC – Down Payment Blues

“Got myself a Cadillac… But I can’t afford the gasoline”

Fu Manchu – Drive

The Monarchs – 69 Monaro

Loud noisy Aussie rock ‘n’ roll with some really cool cars and the strangest photo montage of loosely, somewhat, related images.

Divinyls – Boys In Town

Chrissy Amphlett taking a Geelong attitude to a huge crowd in the US 1983.

Living Eyes – Eat It Up

ANOCSC commands you to love the LIVING EYES…

Screamfeeder – Dart

Dart. Screemfeeder. 1996. Ace.

Milwakee, Here I Come

Honky Tonk road trip songs!  Porter and Dolly 1968… what a gal!

Datsun 120Y

Spotter: Spagettibones

Location: Cranbourne, Victoria

ANOCSC still very lo-fi – even with video footage…