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More Fremantle Greeny Goodness


A serving of greens makes for a very healthy bit of spotting for our West Coast spotters. This XP ute in Fremantle is not just eye candy, it’s the Brussel Sprouts!

XP Falcon Caught On Google Street View

carfordxpgooglestreetviewGoogle street view proves that XP Falcons do actually graze on grass, cigarette butts and any small stray animals that get too close.

XP Nottinghill

Spotter: Aaron

Location: Nottinghill

At first I thought it was the XP coupe with roofrack and cowboy hat spotted a couple of weeks ago by Robbie. However, I quickly noted that 1. it wasn’t a coupe; 2. no cowboy hat; and 3. it doesn’t have roof racks – so chances are it’s actually a different car. How good is it to see another of the classic Fords out on the road!!

XP Coupe

Spotter: Robbie

Location: Port Melbourne

Well loved and used classic. Hint of “cowboy” about it – cowboy hat on back seat, some devil woman stickers on the rear quarter panels. A beautiful car made even more special with the ironic placement of a full steel basket roof rack accessory.