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Badge – Chevy Van


The Best Of The 70s… In Your Face!


Camping in a Bedford Van with a green racing stripe is the ultimate 70s statement.

VW Van – Just Picking Up The Munchies For A Big Trip


A quick stop to stock up on necessities and paraphernalia. Note that the side windows are suitably vented.

HZ Panelvan


This HZ Panelvan positively glowed as the setting sun slashed across the Woolies carpark. The exterior was clean as whistle… unlike the mattress in the back…

Bedford Campervan


The perfect vehicle for hitting the road and camping out. This van is slowly, but surely, being restored to former glory. In the meantime, it’s ideal for chucking a swag and some supplies in the back and seeing this great country of ours. It’s also got racing stripes. It’s got racing stripes!!

Badge – International Van 1973 – Quarter Panel


Badge – International Van Bonnet


International Bonnet Badge

1973 International Van


Couldn’t pass this one by. This workhorse has done the hard yards for the last 40 years and is now showing those plastic, wet-behind-the-ears, wanna be work vans, what a real days work means. It registered and it’s on the road. Awesome.

FB Panelvan – The Story Continues…


As we trundle off each day to the daily grind of the ANOCSC office, we get an ongoing snapshot of this amazing restoration. Below is the original car. Can’t wait to see what comes next.


A Bedford Project


Spotter: Kris

Location: Ashburton, Victoria

Definitely a project… but so much potential.

Morris Van – Still On The Job


Spotter: Fuzzy

Location: Clayton, Victoria

Morris clocking in for work – just like he has every day for the last 40 years.

Rolling Heavy – No Other Way To Roll… Right?