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Valiant Boot Badge


More Webs Than An Internet Thing


This Val is so connected it has webs on the inside. Just at the servo for a quick once over and then back to tearing up the Information Highway.

Straight Off The Showroom Floor – Valiant Wagon


This Val looks like it was rolled off the factory floor in the late 60’s, shrink wrapped and then pulled out of storage especially for this photo shoot.

If You Haven’t Had Enough Badges… Neither Have We!

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More Badges

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ANOCSC Has Gone Badge Mad!

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Valiant CM – Victoria’s Finest

Valiant CM

A gorgeous Valiant CM restored to an immaculate finish. The Police Officer driving the car advised us that he drove it everywhere and it never let him down.

CM Valiant – The Silver Streak


This CM Valiant slid through the carpark like a ghost on wheels. A damn loud ghost at that.

Charge into Ikea


Spotter: Petra

Location: Springvale, Victoria

Ikea are now flatpacking Valiant Chargers – so you can take it home and assemble it with an allen key and phillips head screwdriver.

Those crazy Swiss are getting into everything!

“S” Series Valiant

For Sale


Seller: Les

Location: Bendigo, Victoria

Price: $4000

Les tells us “It’s an S series with alot of R series parts on it.” Very keen to sell.

If you’re interested, contact Les on 03 5444 5454


Cool Blue Ute – RT Valiant


Spotter: Kristen

Location: Country Victoria

A very nice piece of work. Particularly like the flash down the side.

Badge – Valiant V8