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If You Haven’t Had Enough Badges… Neither Have We!

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More Badges

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ANOCSC Has Gone Badge Mad!

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Triumph – Four A


According to the rego this is a Four A – but the Old Motorcycle Spotters here at ANOCSC claim the Four A is actually a motorbike. Can anyone shed any light?

Triumph TR2


Spotter: Ty

Location: Central Victoria

With cleaner lines, more power and not known as “a death trap”, the TR2 was one of Triumph’s triumphs.

A Triumph In Sportiness


Spotter: Fuzzy

Location: Outside the bakery

Chick Magnet

Nice Bit O’ Crumpet There Chap!

Spotter: The Salmon

Ain’t she a nice little earner. Spotted ‘er whilst motorin’ down the M43. Wouldn’t mind takin’ ‘er for a ride.. if ya know wha’ I mean, aye, aye!