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49 Chevy – Texaco Signwriting

49 Chevy Texaco Signwriting

Morris Minor Panel Van 1954


Location: Fernvale, QLD

Spotter: Darren

Just Spotted This One Coming In To Town , Still Being Used As A Delivery Van For A Local Newsagent

Chrysler Flames


Rolling Heavy – No Other Way To Roll… Right?


Australia’s largest fox – detailed…

Spotter: Freddie

This guy has found Australia’s largest fox, removed it’s tail and stuck it on his aerial. Nice work!

Cool Signwriting (with a pretty nice Dodge underneath)

It’s old, it’s a Dodge and it’s got signwriting.

It’s cool.

WB Panelvan with signwriting

Ashburton Mar 2012
Spotter: Robbie

A favourite of the ANOCSC. Fantastic example of early 1980’s sign writing. Note the period perfect alterations to the phone number on the drivers door – also the circular “aquarius” sticker between the drivers door and side window – and faded white and green number plates. The aerial has a fantastic rake to it. All perfect period details.