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“S” Series Valiant

For Sale


Seller: Les

Location: Bendigo, Victoria

Price: $4000

Les tells us “It’s an S series with alot of R series parts on it.” Very keen to sell.

If you’re interested, contact Les on 03 5444 5454


R Series Valiant

Spotter: Bad Boy Chris

Location: Woolamai – Phillip Island

Check it bleed! Saw this sweet ride while trippin’ on the island. Folks was freakin cos this bad boy was so fly.

This R Series is keepin it real.

S Series Valiant

Westgate Freeway, March 2012
Spotter: Robbie

To say I was excited when I spotted these horizontal fins was an understatement. I knew the car but had to refer back to the ANOCSC record books for this one. The ANOCSC thought that we had lost this particular vehicle to the onward marching machine of time. Last spotted in Preston in October 2003 – now resurfaced on its way to Spotswood. Obviously a new owner – oh the stories we have missed out on here at the ANOCSC. That big slant six doing its thing and still powering along agains the odds.