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Help Kyle Find His Dad’s EK Holden Panelvan!

All it needs are boards on the roof and Radio Birdman blasting from the tape deck.

All it needs are boards on the roof and Radio Birdman blasting from the tape deck.

Kyle found his Dad’s EK Holden panelvan right here on the ANOCSC website. If anyone can help him out with locating it, let him know; cos this is what the ANOCSC is all about – bringing families together.

“Hi my names Kyle
And my dad is the original owner of this car. He bought it from a shell and spent 7 years of his life building it. He finished building it, this being exactly how he did it. But then he unfortunately sold it, and I dearly miss the car because it was the first car I helped my dad build.
If anyone spots the car could you please take some snaps and email them to me at grechy200@gmail.com
Much appreciated :)

Thailand Follows Up With A Ford


ANOCSC Thailand didn’t disappoint. Following up the HQ with Ford Cortina Panelvan. The shaggin’ waggin appears to be a favourite in this part of the world.

The ANOCSC Thailand Chapter Blasts In With An HQ Panelvan


With no buildup, warnings or fanfare, the Thailand Chapter of ANOCSC blasts onto the old car spotting scene with an immaculate HQ Panelvan. This is going to be hard to beat. We are looking forward to seeing more classic cars from the Kingdom of Siam (as it was known to the Old Kingdom Spotting Clubs).

HZ Panelvan


This HZ Panelvan positively glowed as the setting sun slashed across the Woolies carpark. The exterior was clean as whistle… unlike the mattress in the back…

FB Panelvan – The Story Continues…


As we trundle off each day to the daily grind of the ANOCSC office, we get an ongoing snapshot of this amazing restoration. Below is the original car. Can’t wait to see what comes next.


EK Surf Wagon


If everybody had a notion… they’d be driving this to get to the beach.

FB Panelvan

Spotter: Thor Pee

Location: Norm’s garage

What an awesome project this would be. The ANOCSC office staff were drooling over the thought of what could be done with this panelvan.

Royal Auto Spotters Club of Victoria

Spotter: Charlie

Location: Beechworth

Status: Always Ready

“L” is for LoveWagon

The Australiana Aspect, April 2012
Spotter: Aaron

Great to see our young folk getting into the 70’s panelvans. Although, with the L plates, one has to wonder what’s being learned in the back of this van!

WB Panelvan with signwriting

Ashburton Mar 2012
Spotter: Robbie

A favourite of the ANOCSC. Fantastic example of early 1980’s sign writing. Note the period perfect alterations to the phone number on the drivers door – also the circular “aquarius” sticker between the drivers door and side window – and faded white and green number plates. The aerial has a fantastic rake to it. All perfect period details.