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Elegance is an HR


This magnificent specimen of an HR has been in the one family since new – 1967. It had a ground up resto 5 years ago. Hopefully it stays in the family for a long time to come.

X2 Holden HR-HD Original Fender & Boot Badges for sale

X2 Holden HR Badges

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Holden HR Ute

Holden HR Ute

Like the day it rolled off the assembly line, this Holden HR ute is just waiting to get some plumbing gear in the back. This ute is straight as a die and sweet as pie.

Badge – Holden HR 186 Boot


Badge – Holden Special Front Panel


Yeah, it’s my other HR…


David had us all green with envy. He told us all about how this car has been in the family for years and he’s done a bit of work on it to get it purring nicely (a mild 186). David also mentioned that he’s only driving this HR because his other HR is getting some panel work done (thanks to a motorbike attempting to attach itself to the car). The problem was, it was tough getting this HR out of the garage, cos he had to move his immaculate 1955 Chevy. I wish I had David’s problems…

Badge – HR Holden Special Boot


Badge – HR Holden X2

Chicken or the egg… House or the HR… which came first?

Spotter: Cleo

Location: Ashburton

A few years ago, the owner of this HR drove out from the city to the country. After batting an eyelid, a house, a garden, a suburb all sprung up around him and his parked car.

The ANOCSC think it’s time for this little HR to come home.

There is always a reason…

Port Campbell, March 2012
Spotter: Skip

There’s a reason why that woman has her finger in a bottle…

That’s Jane with her finger in the bottle. That’s Murray holding the child. ANOCSC caught up with them in Port Campbell earlier this year. We had spotted them motoring into town in the HR Holden earlier that Sunday afternoon. After doing a quick 3 point turn in the ANOCSC FB we caught up with them at the seaside craft market. “Are you hippies I asked?” No they replied.

We chatted for a while about the car and their story – well we chatted to Murray who was really happy to be talking to someone about his car. Jane didn’t really want to chat to us at all – she didn’t call us freaks but it was on her lips. Oh well, what can you do?

Murray told us the car was in very original condition – it had been rebuilt once, but nothing major needed. The HR is the family’s daily transport and most weekends they escape Melbourne and drive to the Otway Ranges, where they have a geodesic dome on a small farm. “Are you sure you are not hippies?” I asked. “No” they replied. “Ok just checking”.

Murray went on to explain that new cars just did not have the same tactile feeling – “they are not alive”. We agree totally and offered Murray complimentary membership to ANOCSC, but he said he would decline because he didn’t want to be constrained by “the man”. “But you are not a hippy right?”. “No”.

At this point we found out exactly why Jane had her finger cooling in the bottle of water  – she had just slammed her finger in the door of the car just as we pulled up. Yep, quite a good slam…Murray the way you are smiling – I think you are going to cop it later on… we are getting out of here.

HR Ute

Spotter: Aaron

Location: On the annual ANOCSC club run to Echuca

Another tradies ute still in use. Great to see