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Badge – Corvette Sting Ray


Corrr – Nice Vette, Ray!


The dream car of a very large number of middle aged US muscle car fans. Spotted on a Victorian sightseeing tour of really impressive cars. And this one was impressive. Certainly impressed this middle aged US muscle car fan!

1957 Buick Out Cruisin’


Whilst regular ANOCSC commenter Ry was trying to get a photo of his door handle in the rear view mirror, a 57 Buick went rumbling past causing Ry to almost drop his phone on to the road and into the following traffic. That would have been a disaster as we wouldn’t have witnessed this rockin’ 57 Buick! It’s low, it’s got pinstripes, it’s black and orange, it’s got white walls, it’s got a rat sticker and it’s a coupe. Dream car wish list ticked off.

1968 Pontiac GTO – Muscle Personified

Pontiac GTO 1968

The Pontiac GTO was the muscle car the other car manufacturers based their muscle cars on.