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FX Holden Photobombed By Lotus


This very sneaky Lotus stuck its head in the way of this lovely shot of a 1952 FX Holden.

FX Grille


Badge – FX Boot


FX Holden


Spotter: Fuzzy

Location: Hastings, Victoria

Spotted this lovely lady shading herself on a roadside corner. Nothing flash, just a great looking car in great nick.

FX Ute on Makeout Ridge

Spotter:  Our Man in NSW – Jo Greg Carlton

Location: Makeout Ridge

This ratrod has been lowered to the weeds. The ANOCSC crew are wondering if the couple who drove the ute up to the ridge for some serious lip-locking are still in the tray?

FX 1 Tonner


Melbourne Feb 2012
Spotter: Peter

This truck is a little bit like Grandpa’s axe.

Top Spotting work done here by Peter. Top points awarded for (1) An Australian icon (2) a daily driver (3) a work vehicle. Well done.

FX Ute


Boronia Mar 2012
Spotter: Astrid
We’re not sure which student at Boronia West Primary School is driving this car; but it’s a gem!
ANOCSC has a sneaking suspicion that Dad (who is a long time ANOCSC member) may have had a hand with this little project.