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“S” Series Valiant

For Sale


Seller: Les

Location: Bendigo, Victoria

Price: $4000

Les tells us “It’s an S series with alot of R series parts on it.” Very keen to sell.

If you’re interested, contact Les on 03 5444 5454


FX Holden


Spotter: Fuzzy

Location: Hastings, Victoria

Spotted this lovely lady shading herself on a roadside corner. Nothing flash, just a great looking car in great nick.

Ford WX Ute… and it’s for sale!!!


Location: Fernvale, QLD

Spotter: The spotter in the best spotting spot in the world – Darren

You don’t see many of these in this sort of condition. And it could be yours. The intrepid ANOCSC spotters are trying to get some more details. Will update as details such as price, etc come through. Stay tuned!

69 Camaro

1969 Chevy Camaro For Sale