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Who Knew GMH Built FB and EK Bikes???


These need to be mass produced – both the motorised and pushie type.


Surfin’ Safari


1961 Holden wagon with all the accessories. Stopping off to pick up 4 mates. Nearest surf beach only 2500kms away… LET’S GO SURFING!!

FB Holden Bonnet Bird


Ratrod FB Holden


Loving the Patina on this FB Holden. Found this photo on the Old Holden Garage Facebook page.

FB EK Nats – Hervey Bay

City Car Parking… In The RACV Club Foyer


Due to some post-80s, new fangled, rubbish being parked in the reserved ANOCSC carpark, the only suitable place we could find for the ANOCSC FB Wagon was in the RACV Club foyer. You can’t go past it for convenience!

FB Holden – Financial Bonanza


Astute financial advisor and ANOCSC enthusiast, Andrew, went for a cruise in this FB Holden Station Wagon. It was his considered opinion that the FB Holden is the best investment you can make and every port folio should include one.

FB Panelvan – The Story Continues…


As we trundle off each day to the daily grind of the ANOCSC office, we get an ongoing snapshot of this amazing restoration. Below is the original car. Can’t wait to see what comes next.


Chopped EK Panel Van


Spotter: Blacky from the FB EK Holden Car Club of Victoria

Location: Who’s f#&%in’ asking?

Tuff as hell. And I can leak whatever and wherever the hell I want.

FB Holden – The Details Are Etched Into The End Product


This is Igor’s work horse. A clever use of window etching means this work horse is a tax deduction for his car detailing business. And what an advertisement for a detailing business it is.


A Couple Of Oldhens


Spotter: Robbie

Location: ANOCSC SE Asia Office carpark

These two were seen nattering away in the ANOCSC carpark. The old head wording up the young ‘un on what’s what and how to get on in this crazy new world.

FB Guitar

Spotter: Katty Kittie

Location: Our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/anocsc)

It doesn’t get any more rock n roll than this!