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Help Kyle Find His Dad’s EK Holden Panelvan!

All it needs are boards on the roof and Radio Birdman blasting from the tape deck.

All it needs are boards on the roof and Radio Birdman blasting from the tape deck.

Kyle found his Dad’s EK Holden panelvan right here on the ANOCSC website. If anyone can help him out with locating it, let him know; cos this is what the ANOCSC is all about – bringing families together.

“Hi my names Kyle
And my dad is the original owner of this car. He bought it from a shell and spent 7 years of his life building it. He finished building it, this being exactly how he did it. But then he unfortunately sold it, and I dearly miss the car because it was the first car I helped my dad build.
If anyone spots the car could you please take some snaps and email them to me at grechy200@gmail.com
Much appreciated :)

Who Knew GMH Built FB and EK Bikes???


These need to be mass produced – both the motorised and pushie type.


Surfin’ Safari


1961 Holden wagon with all the accessories. Stopping off to pick up 4 mates. Nearest surf beach only 2500kms away… LET’S GO SURFING!!

FB EK Nats – Hervey Bay

EK Holden Spats


EK Holden


Another great example of Aussie history still rolling through the streets.

EK Holden Grill


EK Holden Scratch Plate


EK Holden – It Rocks


Spotted out crusin’ the streets on a magnificent day. This car is the real deal: spats, chrome, whitewalls, fins, period stickers and memorabilia.

EK Surf Wagon


If everybody had a notion… they’d be driving this to get to the beach.

Chopped EK Panel Van


Spotter: Blacky from the FB EK Holden Car Club of Victoria

Location: Who’s f#&%in’ asking?

Tuff as hell. And I can leak whatever and wherever the hell I want.

Chopped EK Ute


Spotter: Chopped

Location: Cabinet Innovations Carpark

I’d be too scared to load up the tray with building equipment and tools – what if you scratched that paint job?