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Merry Xmas From All Of Us Here At ANOCSC


It doesn’t get much more Aussie than this. Have a safe and merry Xmas from all of us here at ANOCSC. We hope Santa brings you a rusty old ute!

This Is Why The EH Was So Popular – Just Look At It!


No words needed.

EH Wagon With Spats – We Like Spats…


This EH wagon has been a daily driver for at least the last 12 years. It’s got spats. It’s got nice thick white walls. It’s got a sun visor and it’s even got original plates. Why wouldn’t you drive it every day?

EH Holden – Get Your Left Hook On


EH Holden – They Don’t Come Much Cleaner Than This


Don’t mind me as I drive off the showroom floor… What do you mean I did that over 40 years ago? Look at me, I’m immaculate!

Brown Car Gallery

Apparently Brown Cars need love too… but this is all I could find…

EJ Holden Stationwagon


Spotter: Evil O

Location: Should be beachside, with boards on the roof and a Big M on the bonnet.

EH Ute As Spotted By Astro Boy In An EH

Spotter: Astro Boy

Nice photo of the ANOCSC EH dash… oh yeah and an EH ute in the background…

Dr. Tenma: We have to go.
Astro Boy: This is it – old car spotting. This is what I was created for. This is my destiny.
Dr. Tenma: Toby, now!
Astro Boy: I’m sorry but this is who I am – I am an Old Car Spotter. Onward and upward… Dad.

EH Ute – Bought New


Spotter: Darren

Location: Queensland

“Spotted This ’64 EH In Lowood This morning ,The Old Boy Bought This New , Both Still Going Strong … have been invited out to the old boys farm sometime next week to take some more pics of this one and his FX special that was bought new by his father , gonna be a good day …”

And it’s gonna be a good day for the ANOCSC as well. Can’t wait to see the other photos Darren.

EH Stationwagon


Spotter: Robbie

Location: Beufort, Victoria

I was loved once…

A Couple Of Oldhens


Spotter: Robbie

Location: ANOCSC SE Asia Office carpark

These two were seen nattering away in the ANOCSC carpark. The old head wording up the young ‘un on what’s what and how to get on in this crazy new world.

EH Holden on a lovely section of road

Spotter: Pete

Location: Melbourne

By focussing primarily on the new section of tarmac, alongside a new building development, Pete has managed to capture the essence, nay, the very soul of the artist who levelled this road.

By pure coincidence, there’s an EH Holden in the background.