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1965 Buick LeSabre


Low and Wide. Way Cool.

Monaro – A Classic


Location: Melbourne

Spotter: Pete

Extremely fast draw on the iPhone to get this action shot of an Australian classic.

ANOCSC spotter Pete is always on.



Whilst trawling the suburbs in search of Old Cars, a very quick draw on the phone camera enabled ANOCSC spotter Fuzzy Salmon to snap this sensational piece of US steel.

Yellow Cadillac – Red Brick – Yellow Diamonds – Sunshine – Awesome


Location: Brunswick

Spotter: Elle

This is the most awesome 59 Caddy. This is also the most awesome photo. The yellow  pops against the red but also offsets against the diamonds in the wall and the sunshine streaming through the archway… And the car rocks. Did I mention how cool the car is???

Cadillac Coupe De Ville 1962


Location: Up above the clouds

Spotter: His son

Heaven’s in the back seat of my Cadillac

XP Coupe

Spotter: Robbie

Location: Port Melbourne

Well loved and used classic. Hint of “cowboy” about it – cowboy hat on back seat, some devil woman stickers on the rear quarter panels. A beautiful car made even more special with the ironic placement of a full steel basket roof rack accessory.

ANOCSC Club run in Olympia, USA

Spotter: Eric

This Chevy doesn’t have nearly enough stone chips in the bonnet to be a true ANOCSC car. But the fact that they came along for the ride anyway goes a long way in our books. In fact, anything coupe is always very cool regardless of the state of the car.

XA Coupe – Makes VW Golfs look exactly like VW Golfs.

Spotter: Kelly

Location: South Melbourne

Due to the sheer number of ANOCSC members in our cities, increasingly classic car owners / drivers are seeking out new ways of travelling on our roads without being subjected to constant attention. One method being employed is the use of Matt Black paint to go under the radar. Unfortunately this owner negelected to notice that the big XA Hardtop looked completely bad ass in a fresh coat of MB.

I can audibly hear the rumble of the big 351 and smell the conversion of fuel into exhaust vapour as I look at this photo.

Yank Tank with Pinstriping… everywhere

Spotter: Aaron

Location: Bayswater

The challenge with this car was to find a surface that didn’t have pinstriping. ANOCSC by-law 236a, subsection 3.2 states that if you are going to pinstripe your car, it must cause burning of the retinas. This one comes very close to complying.

Valiant Coupe with Vinyl Roof


Spotter: Charlie

Location: East Malvern

Nicely lowered, black vinyl roof, coupe = Poster Child for the ANOCSC.

Cadillac Coupe de Ville


Spotter: Aaron

Location: Middle of nowhere

Price: $6500 – a bargain at twice the price

Belair Coupe


Location: Echuca

I love this car. I want one.