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1960 Chrysler Windsor – It’s Got It All


Sleek lines, lowered, white walls, fins, big ass grill, chrome, wrap-around windscreen. And it’s not in a showroom or on a trailer. The ANOCSC crew has voted this as pretty close to perfection. The only downside is that it’s not mine!!

Straight Off The Showroom Floor – Valiant Wagon


This Val looks like it was rolled off the factory floor in the late 60’s, shrink wrapped and then pulled out of storage especially for this photo shoot.

Dodge Ute – Who needs badges?


72 Dodge Ute


Location: Ashburton

Spotter: Aaron

This is Chris’ ute. It’s a Dodge. It’s matt black. It’s got mags. It’s got a V8. It’s got twin exhaust. It’s rough as guts and tuff as hell. If you see it coming, get outta the way.

Chrysler Flames