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49 Chevy – Texaco Signwriting

49 Chevy Texaco Signwriting

Badge – Chevy Van


1960 Chevy Belair – Baking In The QLD Sunshine


Fernvale QLD, the place where all old cars go to be restored, was hosting this 1960 Chevy Belair.  Eagle-eyed ANOCSC spotter Darren had to sneak around the back of the Fernvale bakery to get this snapshot of the Chev baking in the glorious QLD sunshine.

There’s Badges We Post And Then There’s This One


Not to be outdone by our ridiculous number of posts of badges, Darren gives us this.  We are so devastated he kicked our ass with this one post – damn this amazing Chevy badge!

Haulin’ Bricks? You Need This 55 Chevy Truck


You can get haulin’ bricks. You can get it driving a really old truck. Matter of fact, I got it now. A big heavy load needs big blue truck and the best blue truck is this 55 Chevy Truck.

ANOCSC Sponsored Basketball Tournament in the 56 Chevy


The ANOCSC kids had to get to Morwell for a basketball tournament and what better way to get them there than in a smashing 56 Chevy. A quick paint job to match the team colours and it was off up the Gippsland highway with a boot full of baggy shorts, singlets and water bottles. A great weekend had by all – even though there was no addition for the ANOCSC trophy cabinet.




57 Chevy – Deserves The Full Spa Treatment


Spotted this 57 Chevy in Daylesford, Victoria when the ANOCSC crew popped out for a quick spa and massage.

Chevy Biscayne – So Much To Take In

The devil really is in the details of this Biscayne

The devil really is in the details of this Biscayne

Chevy Biscayne. So low. So wide. So low. So much chrome. So low. So much to love.

57 Chevy


57 Chevy. Sexy as hell.

57 Chevy. Sexy as hell. I could follow that rear end around all day long.

1955 Chevy


Spotted at the mechanics. Just in for a quick tune up. Otherwise purring like a pussycat. However, apparently this isn’t a patch on the owners 1930’s beast. If you know who owns this and can get some more info on this and his other car, we’d love to hear from you.

Yeah, it’s my other HR…


David had us all green with envy. He told us all about how this car has been in the family for years and he’s done a bit of work on it to get it purring nicely (a mild 186). David also mentioned that he’s only driving this HR because his other HR is getting some panel work done (thanks to a motorbike attempting to attach itself to the car). The problem was, it was tough getting this HR out of the garage, cos he had to move his immaculate 1955 Chevy. I wish I had David’s problems…

57 Chev

American Motoring Show 2013


This one, apparently, wasn’t good enough for the show; and was relegated to the carpark. Couldn’t fault it, myself.