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Badge – 1972 Chevelle Grill


49 Chevy – Texaco Signwriting

49 Chevy Texaco Signwriting

Toyota’s Latest Throwback Car – A 49 Chevy


Toyota’s latest secret has now been exposed. Spotted outside a regional Toyota office. The wrappers came off and the ANOCSC were there to get the first photo. What a scoop!!

More Front Than Myers – 1971 Camaro Z28


“Get outta the way! I’m comin’ through.” More front than Myers on this Second Gen Camaro Z28. The green pea next to it is shaking in fear. Showing off a grill like that, you may not be popular, but you’ll always be noticed.

49 Chevy – Attitude In Spades


Don’t even think about parking your Yaris here. It will end up with a flat tyre and a broken headlight.

A Chevy Wagon In It’s Rightful Place


The sleek and stylish Chevy Wagon is sitting in it’s rightful place in the world. The plastic, white, bubble-box  is rightfully parked behind… breathing GM exhaust… in a No Standing zone… right where it belongs.

Badge – Chevy Van


1960 Chevy Belair – Baking In The QLD Sunshine


Fernvale QLD, the place where all old cars go to be restored, was hosting this 1960 Chevy Belair.  Eagle-eyed ANOCSC spotter Darren had to sneak around the back of the Fernvale bakery to get this snapshot of the Chev baking in the glorious QLD sunshine.

There’s Badges We Post And Then There’s This One


Not to be outdone by our ridiculous number of posts of badges, Darren gives us this.  We are so devastated he kicked our ass with this one post – damn this amazing Chevy badge!

If You Haven’t Had Enough Badges… Neither Have We!

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ANOCSC Has Gone Badge Mad!

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