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Dodge Charger – Tuffer Than A Really Tuff Thing


Spotted in Esk, Queensland. Just Awesome.

Charge into Ikea


Spotter: Petra

Location: Springvale, Victoria

Ikea are now flatpacking Valiant Chargers – so you can take it home and assemble it with an allen key and phillips head screwdriver.

Those crazy Swiss are getting into everything!


Somewhere in the badlands of Melbourne, April 2012
Spotter: Aaron

In the early 90’s Chargers were being stolen every day. An associate of ANOCSC had an orange Charger just like this one stolen. The Police recovered the car and told him they were sorry but it had been ransacked. His reply – “nah, that is just the way it is…”

Now times have changed – stealing these cars is just not an option for the badies anymore. The sheer number of ANOCSC members with cameras ready guarantees that every move of one of these vehicles is tracked in living colour.

Good on you ANOCSC!

Valiant Charger RT

“Hey Charger” – youtu.be/50BJ9dTBGBw