Merry Xmas From All Of Us Here At ANOCSC


It doesn’t get much more Aussie than this. Have a safe and merry Xmas from all of us here at ANOCSC. We hope Santa brings you a rusty old ute!

Badge – 1972 Chevelle Grill


The Elder Statesman


Thank you sonny, I think I’ll just park myself right here and watch the young folk do their thing. Don’t worry young fella, you’ll start to sag in the rear end too one day.

Valiant Boot Badge


Now This Is Extreme Four Wheel Driving


Move over Land Rover. Get outta the way Toyota. Here comes the Kombi and it’s kickin’ ass in the 4WD stakes.

More Webs Than An Internet Thing


This Val is so connected it has webs on the inside. Just at the servo for a quick once over and then back to tearing up the Information Highway.

Check Out The Curves On This E-Type Jag


Showing the post 80s cars just how unstylish they really are; and proving that car designers, these days, are really good at designing boxes.

When Smoking Was Cool And Driving Fast Was Dangerous


Jacqueline Evans may not have achieved all that much in the car racing world, but she is forever coming first in the dreams of those young men behind her!!

This Is Why The EH Was So Popular – Just Look At It!


No words needed.

Help Kyle Find His Dad’s EK Holden Panelvan!

All it needs are boards on the roof and Radio Birdman blasting from the tape deck.

All it needs are boards on the roof and Radio Birdman blasting from the tape deck.

Kyle found his Dad’s EK Holden panelvan right here on the ANOCSC website. If anyone can help him out with locating it, let him know; cos this is what the ANOCSC is all about – bringing families together.

“Hi my names Kyle
And my dad is the original owner of this car. He bought it from a shell and spent 7 years of his life building it. He finished building it, this being exactly how he did it. But then he unfortunately sold it, and I dearly miss the car because it was the first car I helped my dad build.
If anyone spots the car could you please take some snaps and email them to me at grechy200@gmail.com
Much appreciated :)

Karmann Ghia Boot Badge


From A Time When Car Ads Were Actually About The Car… and Swans

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