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So Many New Cars, So Few Bullets – Ford Fairlane


Neil and Bob in their car that’s so terrifical it even has it’s own toll free.

ANOCSC Spotter Sacrifices Beauty Sleep For Old Car Spotting


Recently appointed ANOCSC spotter, Regan, has sacrificed much in the name of old car spotting.  In order to be able to share this rockin’ 1959 Morris Minor 1000 with the world, Regan said “To hell with sleep – who needs to sleep past 9.55am every day anyway???”

Keep up the great work Regan – we all appreciate the dedication you’re showing! We are looking forward to the next submission.

Hot Pink – Hot FC


Todd had no problems spotting this hot pink FC in the carpark. With gleaming chrome, twin exhaust and mags, it outshone everything around it.


Yellow Cadillac – Red Brick – Yellow Diamonds – Sunshine – Awesome


Location: Brunswick

Spotter: Elle

This is the most awesome 59 Caddy. This is also the most awesome photo. The yellow  pops against the red but also offsets against the diamonds in the wall and the sunshine streaming through the archway… And the car rocks. Did I mention how cool the car is???

Very Trim 59 Chevy – Garry Blackman Trimming

Spotter: Jack

Location: Garry Blackman Trimming

ANOCSC trim guru Jack tells us Garry Blackman Trimming in Richmond is THE place to go for all your trimming needs. Just look at Garry’s car if you need any convincing.