FX 1 Tonner


Melbourne Feb 2012
Spotter: Peter

This truck is a little bit like Grandpa’s axe.

Top Spotting work done here by Peter. Top points awarded for (1) An Australian icon (2) a daily driver (3) a work vehicle. Well done.

FX Ute


Boronia Mar 2012
Spotter: Astrid
We’re not sure which student at Boronia West Primary School is driving this car; but it’s a gem!
ANOCSC has a sneaking suspicion that Dad (who is a long time ANOCSC member) may have had a hand with this little project.

Land Rover Daktari


Melbourne, April 2012
Spotter: Pete

Riding high in a Range Rover. Off to the game reserve somewhere down by the big river.

I think I have bull bar envy.

Leyland P76

Westgate Freeway, March 2012
Spotter: Robbie

Revised commentry.

“Anything but average” the Leyland P76. It won wheels car of the year 1973. Under 20,000 were produced. You could fit a 44 gallon drum in the boot. Last produced in NZ in 1975.

This one has mag wheels and could be the best Leyland P76 in Australia.

Morris Major – Ashburton Woolies

Spotter: Pete

Stylin’ it up with some flash and fin at Woolies.

This is about as close to a 56 Chevy that the Poms got.

FB Stationwagon 1960 – Mt Buller

Spotter: Astrid

Location: Mt. Buller

Astrid’s friend was so excited that things were going so well on their all girl car spotting trip to Mt. Buller that she simply would not get out of the photos.

Damn her and her untempered enthusiasm for the ANOCSC.

We did notice the FB hood ornament was missing from this particular vehicle. The ANOCSC believe that decent hood ornaments always add greatly to the appeal of any vehicle.

“L” is for LoveWagon

The Australiana Aspect, April 2012
Spotter: Aaron

Great to see our young folk getting into the 70’s panelvans. Although, with the L plates, one has to wonder what’s being learned in the back of this van!

XM Falcon 1964

Hawthorn, April 2012
Spotter: Astrid

Precocious Porsche 356 just would not get out of the way – typical – always wanting to overshadow our home grown treasures…

Expert spotter technique employed here. Our upcoming “Spotting in urban areas” course will take you through techniques employed here.

1968 Le Renault 10

Black Rock, April 2012
Spotter: Skip

Another Renault! It amazing how many ANOCSC members have spotted over the last few weeks. This one is a 10… well that is its model designation. While the rest of the world tried to reduce front overhang the French added length…

I don’t really like croissants, but driving a French car will possibly make you more interesting and popular:

VeeDub in Tassie

Somewhere in Tassie, March 2012
Spotter: Robbie Mac

Robbie Mac was on a trip to Tassie on official ANOCSC business when he spotted this beauty out of the corner of his eye. Always the professional spotter he clambered into the back seat of his chauffeur driven town car and whipped off a few shots and this was the result. Perfect spotting – with dramatic movement and placement outside a petrol station. Thank you Rob.

Valiant Charger RT

“Hey Charger” – youtu.be/50BJ9dTBGBw

Ratrod Valiant Stationwagon

Oakleigh, March 2012
Spotter: Aaron

I managed to sqeeze my camera lens between two non-descript cars to get this elaborate ratrod styled Valiant stationwagon. The tailgate had the most authentic rusted out look I’ve seen in long time.