GMC Bonnet Badge


Buick Mackane Will Ya Be My ’54?


T Rex: “Just a sexual glider”

Get your big hair on!

Badge VW Beetle Hood Ornament


Ford Fairlane 500 – It’s So Black… It’s Frictionless…


It’s totally frictionless. Oh this must be one mother of a mover. I bet even the cigar lighter’s on photon drive, well whadda ya reckon Ford?

Triumph – It’s Just A Nice Looking Car…


Clean as a whistle and sweet as sugar.

Badge – Porsche 1600


If You Think This MG Looks Good, You Should See The Owner!


Having a great looking car, great looking shoes and great looking clothes all makes for a great look. The owner of this hot little MG has it all right here.

Buggin’ Out With All These Beetles


The ANOCSC crew can’t look two ways at the moment without seeing another bug hooning around the streets. This one is another great cruiser – bring on summertime!

Like A Bullet Through The Night – Porsche 1600


Screaming through the night like a bullet; this Porsche  1600 came from QLD to rest in a small Victorian mountain village… for coffee… and then it was back to eating up the roads.

VW Beetle Aerial Roadrunner


Ford XL Wagon Trailer Queen


After a relaxing afternoon visiting all the shops at the Melbourne Airport, avid ANOCSC spotter “SStL” noted that this minty green Ford XL Wagon was not burning any fossil fuel whatsoever whilst cruising down the Monash Freeway. SStL’s overwhelming urge to cut the rope, roll it off the trailer, jam the pedal to the floor, blast out classic Stooges and head to beach was only tempered by the fact that the blue ute towing it pulled off the freeway moments before SStL could cross the three lanes to pull up alongside. This perfect cruiser cannot get back on the road soon enough.

Chevy 3100 Truck


The ANOCSC Crew Friday Night Outing to see Rodney Rude live ended on a perfect note when we spotted this Chevy 3100 in the carpark.