A Perfect Donut By A Perfect Torrie

Definitely not feeling blue about dropping this donut! It’s as perfect as the paintjob and the chrome.

An endless drive into a 70s sky blue horizon


Summer is on its way and all roads lead to the beach when you’re in a Sandman.

VW Performance Centre


The Actual Barracuda…


Hey Man! The name of the new Plymouth fastback is the “Barracuda”.

I can’t pronounce “Baccaruda”!

Well, try this:

Say “Ba”


Say “Ra”


Say “Cu”


Say “Da”




Well, it ain’t “Barracuda” man, but I think we got a hit website!

I Can’t Pronounce “Baccaruda”!

This Bug Cuts The Mustard… Actually It Is The Mustard…


Citroen 2CV Special Badge


1967 Holden Trailer


Holden hubcaps. Holden Special badge. Holden Trailer. Pushing a Ford down the road.

What Else Is There To Say?


65 Chevy Impala By Half A Length


Yankee steel muscling its way to its rightful position at the front of the pack. Actually, the plastic stalled at the lights… but that’s not what the picture shows!

Heureux Heureux Joie Joie


Salut les garçons et les filles
Voilà votre vieil ami Stinky Wizzleteats [1]

Ceci est une chanson sur une 2CV

Mais non, ceci est la chanson du bonheur!
Vous avez raison, c’est la chanson ‘Heureux, heureux, joie, joie’!

Champions Of Change – Farmers and Their Paddock Trees… Starring ANOCSC

Check out Matt Herring’s Landcare film starring none other than the ANOCSC crew… well… one of our photos anyway – sent in by Dusty. Whilst the highlight of the film is at the 40 second mark, it’s actually quite an interesting film – take a gander and marvel at the ANOCSC’s first foray into Hollywood blockbusters.