This Is The F100 Ute You Want To Go To Work In


This tradie knows how to get to work in style. And while it looks amazing, there is nothing precious about this car – all the work tools were loaded up in the tray.


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  1. Looks familiar.

  2. Thanks for the photos Eric. That is one sweet ride. We’d love to know the details: how long you’ve had it; did you restore it; what’s future plans do you have for it; etc. etc etc.

    1. I have had this 1954 f100 for 14 years. 18 months restoration. WB clip with AU rear end. Power steering. C4 Auto. 302 Windsor. Twin barrel Webber. LPG. Tilt ford bonnet. Split seating one driver seat and two people bench seat. It’s my daily work drive and yes I am mad . The total built cost was $32.000.00 now think about that . If I bought a new work truck the cost was $30.000 to $45.000
      And after 14 years that car cost is now $3.000 to $8.000 resale. You have calmed it in tax yes. We are happy with that .Now look at restoring an old pickup classic and spend $32.000 .Claimed it in a tax write down. Two years after you are offered $70.000 for it but you have invested you heart in it and say no thanks. Yes I said I was mad. But if you do restore an old car it’s an investment. I don’t have the money to have a work car and a classic car so I drive my classic every day and I am loving it every day.And yes it grows in value each year.

  3. Good to see others have interest tastes in work Utes.

  4. Future plans. well it need a repaint. I think two tone ? what do you think?

  5. We’re not sure why you mention the word “mad”. It all sounds like the most sensible thing ever. We do love two tone. Having said that, the gold offset by the red is pretty amazing. What did you have in mind?

  6. brass over burgundy. the color on it now was mixed by me to mach Brass with burgundy perl over it so thats why I added the burgundy rims and racks.

    1. then next new mags.

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