Check Out This 1964 Ford Galaxie Ute… What???


This 64 Galaxie started out in life as wagon. However, it never felt comfortable being a wagon. It felt bloated; like there was too much metal in the back end; and too much glass. The cabin was way too roomy and having all that roof lining above your head was just so last decade. So it shrugged off the wagon label and became a ute. Oh, the freedom!! No more soccer mum’s eyeing off the huge expanse of storage area. No more surf boards being rammed through the back window. It felt like a weight had been removed. And in fact, it had – a ton of metal and glass was simply gone. It’s back end could sashay around corners with a sexy swagger. And when it donned a tonneau cover, it looks the bomb!!  Here at the ANOCSC, we’re happy with this wagon’s/ute’s lifestyle choices. We reckon you should do whatever makes you happy. This ute makes us happy!

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