Champions Of Change – Farmers and Their Paddock Trees… Starring ANOCSC

Check out Matt Herring’s Landcare film starring none other than the ANOCSC crew… well… one of our photos anyway – sent in by Dusty. Whilst the highlight of the film is at the 40 second mark, it’s actually quite an interesting film – take a gander and marvel at the ANOCSC’s first foray into Hollywood blockbusters.


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  1. Paddock tree … 100% Australian 🙂 (I’m Dusty Dirt Roads but facebook forced me to use my real name .. thought i’d let ya know)

  2. Good to hear from you Dusty. The filmmaker loved that photo. You can now claim you’re a published photographer!! Nice work.

    1. I thougfht it was kinda awesome and yeah, already been crowing about being published but the cook told me to shut up 😕

  3. Ignore the cook. Shout it from the rooftops!!

    1. lol

  4. Should’ve been “shout it from the treetops!”…

    1. ah rooftops .. i’ve got a pic from up there ..

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