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Australian National Old tram Car Spotters Club?


Spotter: A wiley traveller

Location: San Francisco

It’s not a car (a tram-car, perhaps) but we love the old skool futuristic look about it.

55 Chevy

Spotter: Gordon

Location: Was Texas; is now LA

The epitome of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Nuf said.

Rockin’ Ratrod Vespa

Spotter: Mike

Location: Mike’s Custom Bike Shop

“This is a pic of my rat-rod Vespa I almost finished before I ended up selling it… 1959 model..”

The staff at the ANOCSC office took a vote and decided that you should’ve kept it. Selling it just means that someone else without Mike’s vision and handcrafting skills is cruising the streets of Oregon feeling pretty good about themselves.

Boss Hog

Spotter: Robbie

Location: California

Whilst on official ANOCSC business in California, Robbie attended meetings in appropriate style.

Caravaning California Style

Spotter: Robbie

Location: California

An original ’58 Edsell in full control of an orginal Caravan.

What a way to cruise the West Coast.

Volvo PV544

Ice Ice VoVo… Actually, it’s a Volvo, not an iced vovo at all. This is the first PV544 we’ve had at the ANOCSC and we’re excited.

Apparently, these were used as rally cars back in the day. Would love to see one in action.

Checker Taxi 1971

Spotter: Marnie

Location: Santa Barbara, USA

This is an original 1971 Checker Taxi. Fully restored as a Taxi and used as an everyday driver. Great spotting by the ANOCSC USA NW coast members.

ANOCSC Club run in Olympia, USA

Spotter: Eric

This Chevy doesn’t have nearly enough stone chips in the bonnet to be a true ANOCSC car. But the fact that they came along for the ride anyway goes a long way in our books. In fact, anything coupe is always very cool regardless of the state of the car.

ANOCSC Club Run in Olympia, USA

Spotter: Jasper

Uber-cool. Nothing more need be said.

Joined the club run whilst we stopped for a coffee break. Instantly forgiven for running late.

ANOCSC Club run in Olympia, USA

Spotter: Molly

These guys were so excited about joining the ANOCSC Olympia club run, they camped out overnight. We love the “right hand turn” logo hanging from the rear-view mirror.

ANOCSC Club run in Olympia, USA

Spotter: Marnie

The ANOCSC club run in Olympia, USA was an outstanding success. It was a typical glorious Washington State Summer’s day – high single digit temperatures and only a little bit of snow. The NW coast ANOCSC cousins saw some great cars and took some great photos. A great day out had by all.