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Vintage CFA Dodge Firetruck With Doggy Trailer

DSC_7491 - Copy

Eagle eye ANOCSC spotter James saw this Vintage CFA Dodge Firetruck cruising down the highway at a very sedate pace. Fortunately it was only a small fire it was attending that was not considered to be a danger to people, property, stock, snails, grass or anything flammable. In fact, by the time the truck got to the fire, it had put itself out.

Bad Ass Mr Whippy Van


Spotter: Every kid in the street

Location: Wherever it’s hot and sunny

Lowered, signwriting, (sort of) spats, (kind of) whitewalls, and all the icecream you can eat.

All sorts of awesome.

RACV Truck

Spotter: Hewey from

Location: Beechworth RACV

Now that’s a tow truck. I’d happily have the ANOCSC FB Holden sitting on the back of that.

Trucking Hell

Spotter: Cam

Location: Talem Town, SA

The owner says: I’ve been collecting them for years. They’re from all over.
This is just the junk the real collection’s out the back there. This is just to attract tourists.
Next time you’re headed on the M1 out/in to Adelaide stop by Old Talem Town and check out the collections of old trucks.