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Badge – Ford Thunderbird

Signwriting – 55 Chevy Truck

Chevy Ute 3100 Pinstriping

Retro Signwriting… and doughnuts! Mmmm… doughnuts….

It’s not an old car, but we love the retro signwriting. And who doesn’t love a doughnut???

Signwriting – Chevy 3100 Truck


VW Beetle Boot Pinstriping


49 Chevy – Texaco Signwriting

49 Chevy Texaco Signwriting

Kenoath – Disqualified from Bathurst


The XC Falcon of the Kenoath Ford Dealer Team has been disqualified from Bathurst.

Clearly upset at the decsision, Team Owner Kenneth Oathington lamented, “We are pretty disappointed. I’m holding together OK…but the drivers, Kennard Bludoath and Kenny Fooknoath Jnr are devastated. Look we understand there may be a few areas where the Kenoath Coupe doesn’t comply with the COTF guidelines. But we are only talking about tiny issues like the body, chassis, engine, suspension and safety cage.”

Pressed to his thoughts on the politics of the sport, Oathington commented, “I think what has happened here is that the other teams have learned of our secret testing at the mountain last month. They are shit scared. Straight off the street Bludoath was pulling 2 minute sevens with street tyres, Shell 91 and fluffy dice. We were dead set gonna thump Murphs record with a set of slicks and a new Brocky Poloariser.”

“COTF is a joke. Just become we got chrome, they are sending us home. But we’re not going home. We’ll park the Falc up at McPillarmy and get on the suds with the boys.”
Asked whether he’ll have another attempt at the mountain in 2014, Oathington replied, “Kenoath. I’ve got a nice XU1 in the farm shed. We’ll bung some Red Bull stickers on her and be back for another shot in 2014.”

Dodge Ute – Who needs badges?


Chrysler Flames


Rolling Heavy – No Other Way To Roll… Right?


Sizzling GMC Ute

Spotter: Vinny

Location: Near the Dandenongs

Hot Rod’s GMC Ute is positively sizzling! Rod will definitely be called upon at the next ANOCSC BBQ.

Kenny Rogers would be so jealous!