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Lets take a trip down Whittier Blvd! CHICANO SOUL!

ANOCSC official preferred mode of transport

The Small Faces – Lazy Sunday Afternoon


The Murlocs – Space Cadet

Mesa Cosa – Creepy

Wet Blankets – Deiter Caught My Bus

Geelong… with moustaches

RIP Doc – The Angels

We had a lot of fun jumping around to The Angels:

Area 7 – No Logic

Melbourne ska (not rockabilly, as confirmed by El Presidente). Blast it from your tape deck.

AC/DC – Down Payment Blues

“Got myself a Cadillac… But I can’t afford the gasoline”

Fu Manchu – Drive

The Monarchs – 69 Monaro

Loud noisy Aussie rock ‘n’ roll with some really cool cars and the strangest photo montage of loosely, somewhat, related images.

Divinyls – Boys In Town

Chrissy Amphlett taking a Geelong attitude to a huge crowd in the US 1983.