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Reflecting On The Oldsmobile

The ANOCSC spent a damp Saturday afternoon reflecting on the Oldsmobile Cutlass. We concluded that spotting your next old car may be closer than you think.


Spa Happy VH Commodore – Put A Lion On It

Spotter: Chris

Location: Ferntree Gully, 2011

I have a friend who once told me a prophetic truth.

He said “you know, you can think you are happy, but… in reality you can always be happier.”

“How so?” I reply.

“Well imagine you have just recieved a big (*insert your own description of the thing that makes you happy)” he starts.

“Yes – that is great” I reply.

“Yes that is great, but what if you recieved that while…” pausing… “in a spa…?”

“you would be Spa Happy…”


Much like the unobtainable “Spa Happiness”, how does someone improve on the perfection of a bog standard VH Commodore?

You can only do one thing…. Add a great big Lion Airbrush mural. You have now achieved Commodore Nirvana.

XA Coupe – Makes VW Golfs look exactly like VW Golfs.

Spotter: Kelly

Location: South Melbourne

Due to the sheer number of ANOCSC members in our cities, increasingly classic car owners / drivers are seeking out new ways of travelling on our roads without being subjected to constant attention. One method being employed is the use of Matt Black paint to go under the radar. Unfortunately this owner negelected to notice that the big XA Hardtop looked completely bad ass in a fresh coat of MB.

I can audibly hear the rumble of the big 351 and smell the conversion of fuel into exhaust vapour as I look at this photo.



Spotter: Aaron

Location: Holmesglen

Our ANOCSC photographers know how much our friends at Valigrunt ( appreciate a good photo of their Valiants.

With the perfect lighting from the headlights and the Chadstone SuperStores as a backdrop, once again, ANOCSC delivers on it’s promise of the dodgiest photos of old cars on the web!

Leyland P76 with Striping

Eastern Suburbs, April 2012

Ok so this is my new favourite P76. Better than all the rest because it has a stripe from one rear quarter over the roof to the other rear quarter. Very Starsky and Hutch.

Possibly the best Leyland P76 in the Asia Pacific region.

Belair Coupe


Location: Echuca

I love this car. I want one.

S Series Valiant

Westgate Freeway, March 2012
Spotter: Robbie

To say I was excited when I spotted these horizontal fins was an understatement. I knew the car but had to refer back to the ANOCSC record books for this one. The ANOCSC thought that we had lost this particular vehicle to the onward marching machine of time. Last spotted in Preston in October 2003 – now resurfaced on its way to Spotswood. Obviously a new owner – oh the stories we have missed out on here at the ANOCSC. That big slant six doing its thing and still powering along agains the odds.

HK Monaro

Spotter: Peter

Features hard to find and replicate details such as a Bultaco sticker, Essendon Rowing Club sticker. Clearly sporting time worn paint – this could in fact be the ultimate Australian shed find.