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Volvo P1800


The Volvo p1800s are the only Volvos that had (or have) any style whatsoever… and what better reason to cruise up to Daylesford in it for Brunch at the annual ANOCSC Daylesford Social Media Discussion.


Volvo 1800

Spotter: Kristen

Location: Richmond

This cool little car was absolutely flying through the back streets of Richmond.

It’s nice to know that there was a time when Volvo knew how to design a cool looking car…

Volvo PV544

Ice Ice VoVo… Actually, it’s a Volvo, not an iced vovo at all. This is the first PV544 we’ve had at the ANOCSC and we’re excited.

Apparently, these were used as rally cars back in the day. Would love to see one in action.

Volvo P1800

Spottter: Aaron

Location: Almost under the front wheel

This is the only Volvo ever designed that doesn’t look like a brick. Furthermore, ANOCSC spotters always get the shot, even if it means getting run over…