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VW Beetle


This VW Beetle had a touch of the ratrod about it. Couldn’t get enough of the bonnet badge and the two tone striping down the side.

End Of The Road For The VW Kombi


After 63 years, VW are stopping production of the Kombi. Ludicrous, pernickety, rule-makers have won out over style, nostalgia, practicality and cool. Since when have air-bags and anti-lock brakes been of any benefit, anyway?

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Green Bug

The green on this bug was really nice.

The green on this bug was really nice.

A Rose Amongst The Thorns


Spotted this Combi queuing up alongside  some new fangled rubbish at one of the big Hotels in Melbourne. Naturally, the concierge staff were fighting over who got to park it.

VW Bug – BYO Grass


Spotter(s): Maisy and Olive

Location: Air Ride carpark in Bayswater, Victoria

Whilst picking up a wiring loom for the ANOCSC FB Holden, a couple of keen young eyes spotted this bug. A nice car with an amazing roof rack. What made it stand out, however, was the grass covering the rear parcel shelf. Made me laugh, anyway.

VW Combi – Hard At Work


Spotter: Chessie

Location: On the way to work – bright and early. This workhorse has not had a days sick leave since leaving the assembly line.

Rockin’ VeeDub Ute



Spotter: Olive

Location: Melbourne

VeeDub Ute’s don’t get much better than this. Great lines, mags and mashed in number plate. All Attitude.


Touring with The Specials


Spotter: Jack

Location: Ashburton, Victoria

The Specials are taking it back to the grass roots and showcasing their back catalog at the Ashburton RSL.

VW Van with Pop Top


Spotter: Aaron

Location: Monash Freeway

As hard as the ANOCSC photographers try, they can’t always get the white feature poptop to blend in with clouds – rendering the very aspect of this car that’s interesting, invisible. Better luck next time.

Horse Drawn Kombi


Spotter: Tim

Location: Australian National Horse Drawn Car Spotters Club website

Ok, I’ll be the one to say it – a 1HP Kombi…

Nice Shiny Beetle


Spotter: Maisy

Location: Down the beach on a beautiful Summer’s day

Yes, it’s another beetle – but it looked great and would be great fun to cruise around in.

vwsofttopdash vwsofttoprear

Buzzin’ Around In A Blue Bug

Spotter: Aaron

Location: Malvern

What’s there not to like about a blue bug?