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Now This Is Extreme Four Wheel Driving


Move over Land Rover. Get outta the way Toyota. Here comes the Kombi and it’s kickin’ ass in the 4WD stakes.

Chasing Utopia Into The Blue


Somewhere about six hours North of Perth, a bunch of stoned hippies searching for that perfect place to start a commune and live in peace, love and harmony… until the Kombi breaks down. Then they have to find the nearest mechanic and wash dishes until they can afford to pay for the repairs.

One Of A Kind Hand Built VW-ish


Based around a 1968 VW chassis , this is one of a kind hand built by the owner over five years. It’s powered by a Nissan Diesel with constant four wheel drive. This little twin cab ute has been to the Cape and back twice and never missed a beat. Took him three years of battling with the Qld department of transport to get it registered – but the old boy said it was well worth the effort!

A Kombi That Costs More Than A Porsche

Hey, it makes sense to all of us – but apparently some people think it’s weird…

This Bug Sounds Like It’s Got It In The Bag


When ANOCSC spotter Olive saw this bug she thought it was a great find. It wasn’t until she took a photo of the interior that she saw…

Suitcase Stereo – So Awesome!!!


Ratrod Beetle With Boards


I’m at the bakery but I already have my cake and I drive it too.

A Perfect Combination: ANOCSC Beach Party – In The Combi


It was too hot in the office; so the ANOCSC crew piled into the Combi and headed to the beach. The Mornington Peninsula seemed like a good idea and we weren’t wrong. Picked up the perfect Golden Breed sticker for the Combi while we were there. Awesome day all round.


VW Van – Just Picking Up The Munchies For A Big Trip


A quick stop to stock up on necessities and paraphernalia. Note that the side windows are suitably vented.

Rat VeeDub


There’s just enough “patina” to make this a genuine rat-beetle. We’re not sure if that’s even a word – but we’re pretty impressed with the outcome.


Ratrod Vee Dub – Low Rider


This Queensland Cane Toad has made the trip down South and done it in style.

Wooden VW – Those Crazy Bosnians!

Don’t know about you, but we got wood… Click here to read about this crazy Bosnian and his wooden VW.


VW Beetle – Stealth Fighter

VW Beetle

It was almost impossible to get an actual photo of this stealth fighter VW Beetle. It only cruises at night and always flies below the radar. Stealth fighters were first developed in Nazi Germany and this technology was incorporated into the V W Beetle. The design of this VW Beetle is aimed at reducing radar and thermal detection using the following methods:

  • Reducing thermal emission from thrust
  • Reducing radar detection by altering some general configuration (like introducing the split spoiler)
  • Reducing radar detection when the car opens its engine bay
  • Reducing infra-red and radar detection during adverse weather conditions

While no car is totally invisible to radar, stealth cars make it difficult for conventional radar to detect or track the car effectively, increasing the odds of a successful cruise.