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VC Valiant


Spotter: Nemmy

Location: Clayton

Very Cool, very low, very noisy, very V8, very impressed!


R Series Valiant

Spotter: Bad Boy Chris

Location: Woolamai – Phillip Island

Check it bleed! Saw this sweet ride while trippin’ on the island. Folks was freakin cos this bad boy was so fly.

This R Series is keepin it real.

Badge – Valiant Stationwagon

Robin has been driving this baby for 27 years and it’s done a million miles and not missed a beat. With an immaculate engine bay and leopard print seat covers, Robin is in station wagon heaven whenever he takes this Val out on the town. Robin assured me he will start the bodywork sometime soon… I say leave it as it is.

VE Valiant – Taut Lines And One Mag Wheel

Extremely Taut Lines – ’68 VE Valiant! Big fans of “One Mag Wheel on the Rear” look… But no no – not a pair – yes friends – one out of the four wheels was a mag… Nice Work..
…And the non-Mag side:

Livefast VE Valiant VIP

Spotter: Olive

Location: Halls Gap

Livefast in Halls Gap have obvious taste in food, music and old cars. The ANOCSC held a club meeting there on Thursday night and it was rockin’.

Valiant Coupe with Vinyl Roof


Spotter: Charlie

Location: East Malvern

Nicely lowered, black vinyl roof, coupe = Poster Child for the ANOCSC.



Spotter: Aaron

Location: Holmesglen

Our ANOCSC photographers know how much our friends at Valigrunt ( appreciate a good photo of their Valiants.

With the perfect lighting from the headlights and the Chadstone SuperStores as a backdrop, once again, ANOCSC delivers on it’s promise of the dodgiest photos of old cars on the web!

Valiant – Factory fitted white bonnet

Spotter: Aaron

Location: Clayton

This Valiant still has original plates; and as per most Valiants of this vintage, rolled off the factory floor with one different colour panel.

Valiant Ratrod manufacturing plant

Spotter: Aaron

Location: The Victorian Valiant Ratrod manufacturing plant

Valiant ratrod production car #1. You can see the Vals still in the production line  behind having rust and dints applied to the exterior before being proudly driven into the Victorian countryside.

Valiant RT Ute

Spotter: Aaron

Location: On the way to Echuca

Also spotted on the annual ANOCSC club run


Somewhere in the badlands of Melbourne, April 2012
Spotter: Aaron

In the early 90’s Chargers were being stolen every day. An associate of ANOCSC had an orange Charger just like this one stolen. The Police recovered the car and told him they were sorry but it had been ransacked. His reply – “nah, that is just the way it is…”

Now times have changed – stealing these cars is just not an option for the badies anymore. The sheer number of ANOCSC members with cameras ready guarantees that every move of one of these vehicles is tracked in living colour.

Good on you ANOCSC!

Valiant Charger RT

“Hey Charger” –