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No Idea What It Is – But It’s Cute As Hell… Update: Austin 7


If anyone can advise what this is, we are are dying to know!!!

Hairy Knee Spotters Club


This photo was uploaded by the Australian National Hairy Knee Spotters Club. The guy in the pop top vintage car (if anyone has a model, would love to know what it is!) spotted this hairy knee and was able to get a great shot of it in all its glory. The bottom of the short had ridden up just enough to ensure a full knee exposure.

Polished Steel Rod… with phone box


No one in the ANOCSC offices could understand why anyone would put a Telstra phone box in their sensational polished steel rod.

Woody Wagon and Caravan


1941 Military Stock


American Motoring Show 2013carshowcarparkarmywagon


Another Carpark spot that deserved full attention inside the Show.


1950 Hotrod

American Motoring Show 2013


Chopped ‘n’ Dropped

1932 Hotrod

American Motoring Show 2013


Bare Metal Hotrod

American Motoring Show 2013


Hotrod from Hell

American Motoring Show 2013


Camoflage as you drive into Hell


Spotter: Butch Cassidy and The Sunglasses Kid

Location: Queensland

Believe it or not, this was supposed to be a photo of an old car. Hijacked!

Any suggestions as to make and model? …of the car, that is…

ANOCSC Club run in Olympia, USA

Spotter: Marnie

The ANOCSC club run in Olympia, USA was an outstanding success. It was a typical glorious Washington State Summer’s day – high single digit temperatures and only a little bit of snow. The NW coast ANOCSC cousins saw some great cars and took some great photos. A great day out had by all.

Art, Craft, Buttcrack, Gifts

Spotter: Dusty

Location: Beaufort

Looks like Ma & Pa Kettle ran out of billy tea and had to come the the big smoke for some supplies.

It appears to have a crack in the drivers side door, but.