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Hollywood Stars Carwash

Attitude in spades; at the carwash… If that patina’s not sparkling, then it ain’t cruising Hollywood Blvd!

We’re renovating everything!

“Hey, if I restore the Val, the boat and the trailer at the same time as renovating the house, it will all get done at once and then we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour!”

Well… it was a good idea at the time.

1961 BF Holden

Holden released a very limited run of the 1961 BF Holden. This model came about when one of the guys on the assembly line, in a momentary lapse of concentration, bolted the rear panels of the car on to the front of the car. Rob, a young, up and coming designer (who went on to work in the GM studios in Los Angeles designing concept cars for movies and car shows) just happened to be out in the assembly factory on that day, saw the mistake and thought it looked really cool. The rest is history; and this is a beautifully restored example which was showcased in Street Machine.

“See That Merc, It’s Mine Too”

Said the guy who just got the Morris outta the shed for a quick spin. Jealousy is not a curse, it’s a state of being.


Just Out Of The Shed And Out For A Spin

Spotted belting through the leafy South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, this Morris was “just outta the shed…!”.  Oh to be able to just pull this sweet piece of machinery outta the shed and go for a quick hoon!

Pony Up For New Year’s Eve

Stay lean and green this New Year’s Eve. Have fun, stay safe and see you all in 2017.

A Perfect Donut By A Perfect Torrie

Definitely not feeling blue about dropping this donut! It’s as perfect as the paintjob and the chrome.

An endless drive into a 70s sky blue horizon


Summer is on its way and all roads lead to the beach when you’re in a Sandman.

The Actual Barracuda…


Hey Man! The name of the new Plymouth fastback is the “Barracuda”.

I can’t pronounce “Baccaruda”!

Well, try this:

Say “Ba”


Say “Ra”


Say “Cu”


Say “Da”




Well, it ain’t “Barracuda” man, but I think we got a hit website!

I Can’t Pronounce “Baccaruda”!

This Bug Cuts The Mustard… Actually It Is The Mustard…


1967 Holden Trailer


Holden hubcaps. Holden Special badge. Holden Trailer. Pushing a Ford down the road.