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Morris Commercial – When having any old car just isn’t enough

When you need to really stand out in the crowd… or you just need to make a delivery with more style and pizazz than George Clooney in Oceans 11

Just Out Of The Shed And Out For A Spin

Spotted belting through the leafy South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, this Morris was “just outta the shed…!”.  Oh to be able to just pull this sweet piece of machinery outta the shed and go for a quick hoon!

A Coupla Old Timers Chewin’ The Fat


These two old timers decided to plonk down right here and have a little  ol’ chin wag about the state of the world. And they ain’t movin’ any time soon.

ANOCSC Spotter Sacrifices Beauty Sleep For Old Car Spotting


Recently appointed ANOCSC spotter, Regan, has sacrificed much in the name of old car spotting.  In order to be able to share this rockin’ 1959 Morris Minor 1000 with the world, Regan said “To hell with sleep – who needs to sleep past 9.55am every day anyway???”

Keep up the great work Regan – we all appreciate the dedication you’re showing! We are looking forward to the next submission.

Immaculate New South Welshmorris


Spotter: Petra

Location: Kew, Victoria

This immaculately dressed New South Welshmorris was down for the week visiting the Southern cousins.

Morris Van – Still On The Job


Spotter: Fuzzy

Location: Clayton, Victoria

Morris clocking in for work – just like he has every day for the last 40 years.

Morris Minor Soft Top


Location: Ashburton

Spotter: Fuzzy

This little speedster kept getting away from me – couldn’t get the shot I wanted. Damn traffic lights didn’t turn red when I need them to!

Morris Minor Panel Van 1954


Location: Fernvale, QLD

Spotter: Darren

Just Spotted This One Coming In To Town , Still Being Used As A Delivery Van For A Local Newsagent

Shy Morris

Spotter: Chris

Location: A seedy laneway in Hawthorn

This is shy Morris. Shy Morris doesn’t like the spotlight and tried to duck out of the photo. However, our intrepid spotter Chris is Always Ready (as are all ANOCSC members) with his camera and snapped off a beauty.

Lonely Morris

Spotter: Skip

This is Morris – currently home of some choice vintage stickers and a zillion stuffed toys… found looking very lonely in the Melbourne rain…

Maybe it was the rain, but this car was looking very sad and lonely… obviously a loved car for someone for many years. Let us know if you are in need of a Morris and we will try to contact the current owner…

Ballarat Club Run – Morris

Spotter: Maisy

Location: Ballarat

I’m sure this Morris would have joined the ANOCSC Ballarat Club Run; had it been started some time this year… or possibly this century… However, it is registered; which suggests that the owner possibly works for VicRoads???

Minor Obsession

Melbourne, April 2012
Spotter: Kelly

Kelly really has the spotters touch. While having the fuzzy dice and 351 overhauled in her GS Falcon, she came across a pair of Morris Minors. The bloke even offered her a ride in one. Well she could not resist, and to this day has not returned it.