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Wanted – As many clowns as possible


Even with all the clowns in the ANOCSC office we can’t fill this rally car. If you think you have the goods, please fold yourself into the closest small car you can find.

Who’s Looking For Attention? Not Quite Stock Mini


Considering the outlandishness of this Mini, it’s owner wasn’t quite as much of an attention seeker – trying to duck behind the rear spoiler. However, the speedy photographic skills of the ANOCSC spotter thwarted any chance of anonymity.

Barn Find Mini

Spotter: Aaron

Location: Glen Iris

This immaculate mini spent about 10 years in a barn. A friend of Darryl’s was a closet mini fan. After going to the Great Spotters Club In The Sky, the wife of the previous owner asked Darryl if he was interested in buying the car. It was a no-brainer and it now buzzes around the streets of Melbourne being admired by all.