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Rat Merc

The best looking car Mercedes ever put onto the road; and this one looked tuff AF. No pristine trailer queen here. She’s chewin up bitumen and spitten it out onto the pavement.

“See That Merc, It’s Mine Too”

Said the guy who just got the Morris outta the shed for a quick spin. Jealousy is not a curse, it’s a state of being.


After 60 Years, This Is Still The Best Car Ever Made

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Mercedes 230 SL – From A Time When Mercs Were Stylish


A quick ANOCSC office poll proved without a doubt that this Merc is one of the few Mercedes that classic car lovers would be happy to be seen in. Impressive without being overly ostentatious. One might even venture to say it’s somewhat cool… ok, we won’t go overboard. Still a damn nice car though.

Mercedes Benz 220se – 1960ish


This is a damn nice looking car. Has the mandatory rust bubbles in all the usual places and doesn’t appear to be registered – but it would look great purring along the highway.