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HZ Ute – The Lumpy Lemon


There’s nothing sour about this beast. From the 70s paint job to the modern wheels, this is one hot looking ute.

The ANOCSC Thailand Chapter Blasts In With An HQ Panelvan


With no buildup, warnings or fanfare, the Thailand Chapter of ANOCSC blasts onto the old car spotting scene with an immaculate HQ Panelvan. This is going to be hard to beat. We are looking forward to seeing more classic cars from the Kingdom of Siam (as it was known to the Old Kingdom Spotting Clubs).

FB Holden – Financial Bonanza


Astute financial advisor and ANOCSC enthusiast, Andrew, went for a cruise in this FB Holden Station Wagon. It was his considered opinion that the FB Holden is the best investment you can make and every port folio should include one.

FJ Holden – A 20 Year Labour Of Love


It’s taken 20 years, but this original FJ has it all; including the original 6 volt system! It is by no means perfect but that’s what we love about it.

EH Holden – Get Your Left Hook On


HG Ute – Swimsuit Edition


HG Ute perfectly parked for a front row view of the latest swimsuit calendar

EK Holden and Donor Car Up For Grabs

If the ANOCSC garage didn’t already have the FB and the EH in it, we’d grab it and start another project!
Click here to get more details.

1968 HK Ute – Down on the farm


HK Ute still slugging it out down on the farm…
I can’t fall in love with a wheatfield
I can’t fall in love with a barn
When everything smells like horse shit
Down here on the farm

An FJ Ute and A Couple Of Dogs

How did GMH come up with the name FJ?

Why do you ask, Two Dogs…?


FJ Holden – Slim Shady


An FJ Holden that looks like it rolled off the assembly line yesterday.  Parked in the shade to avoid the vinyl seats from sticking to the back of your legs.

HQ Monaro


This HQ Monaro came thundering up behind us and blew us off the road. Damn impressive car.

Torana And A Mustang… Drool…


A tough GM and a tough Ford. Heaven for everyone.