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The Elder Statesman


Thank you sonny, I think I’ll just park myself right here and watch the young folk do their thing. Don’t worry young fella, you’ll start to sag in the rear end too one day.

This Is Why The EH Was So Popular – Just Look At It!


No words needed.

From A Time When Car Ads Were Actually About The Car… and Swans

postertoranahatchbackadvertTorana Hatchback Commercial

Surfin’ Safari


1961 Holden wagon with all the accessories. Stopping off to pick up 4 mates. Nearest surf beach only 2500kms away… LET’S GO SURFING!!

EH Wagon With Spats – We Like Spats…


This EH wagon has been a daily driver for at least the last 12 years. It’s got spats. It’s got nice thick white walls. It’s got a sun visor and it’s even got original plates. Why wouldn’t you drive it every day?

Ratrod FB Holden


Loving the Patina on this FB Holden. Found this photo on the Old Holden Garage Facebook page.

FX Holden Photobombed By Lotus


This very sneaky Lotus stuck its head in the way of this lovely shot of a 1952 FX Holden.

FB EK Nats – Hervey Bay

LJ Torana – Comes With McDonald’s Wrapper and Moss


The McDonald’s wrapper was an optional extra from Holden; however, the moss on the seat was from a third party and was never considered to be a “true” Torana accessory.


City Car Parking… In The RACV Club Foyer


Due to some post-80s, new fangled, rubbish being parked in the reserved ANOCSC carpark, the only suitable place we could find for the ANOCSC FB Wagon was in the RACV Club foyer. You can’t go past it for convenience!

The Silver Streak – HG Monaro


Saw this on the Old Skool Holden’s, Restorations, Rebuilds, Pics & Info FB page. Once we stopped drooling, we had to share this.

The 70’s Rolls On


Sporting a vinyl roof, sun-visor and half-wheel spats, the 70’s simply refuses to go away. Rumour has it that the owner parked here 35 years ago  and is yet to return. Fortunately, he parked in a 100 year parking zone and is yet to receive a ticket.