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EH 1964

Abbotsford Mar 2012
Spotter: Aaron

On the back street and wearing well worn plates. A classic vehicle any red blooded youth of the 1970’s would have aspired to have an elbow out of the drivers window of. Holdens did not get any better than this and try as they might with Monaro, Torana and countless show cars, GMH could not recreate the magic of the EH era.

EH 1964 – Yarra Glen


Yarra Glen Mar 2012

Spotter: Aaron

“Where’s my steelies?”

EJ Paddock Basher

Spotter: Aaron

This is a classic example of an Aussie paddock basher. The flames on the bonnet give the car an extra 25 horsepower when in top gear; and the flames at the back wheels give the rear end extra traction when accelerating quickly from a standstill.

FX 1 Tonner


Melbourne Feb 2012
Spotter: Peter

This truck is a little bit like Grandpa’s axe.

Top Spotting work done here by Peter. Top points awarded for (1) An Australian icon (2) a daily driver (3) a work vehicle. Well done.

FX Ute


Boronia Mar 2012
Spotter: Astrid
We’re not sure which student at Boronia West Primary School is driving this car; but it’s a gem!
ANOCSC has a sneaking suspicion that Dad (who is a long time ANOCSC member) may have had a hand with this little project.

FB Stationwagon 1960 – Mt Buller

Spotter: Astrid

Location: Mt. Buller

Astrid’s friend was so excited that things were going so well on their all girl car spotting trip to Mt. Buller that she simply would not get out of the photos.

Damn her and her untempered enthusiasm for the ANOCSC.

We did notice the FB hood ornament was missing from this particular vehicle. The ANOCSC believe that decent hood ornaments always add greatly to the appeal of any vehicle.

“L” is for LoveWagon

The Australiana Aspect, April 2012
Spotter: Aaron

Great to see our young folk getting into the 70’s panelvans. Although, with the L plates, one has to wonder what’s being learned in the back of this van!

WB Panelvan with signwriting

Ashburton Mar 2012
Spotter: Robbie

A favourite of the ANOCSC. Fantastic example of early 1980’s sign writing. Note the period perfect alterations to the phone number on the drivers door – also the circular “aquarius” sticker between the drivers door and side window – and faded white and green number plates. The aerial has a fantastic rake to it. All perfect period details.

FB Holden – 1960


Ashburton Spotter: Aaron

A 60’s car in a 60’s driveway of a 60’s house. Perfect!

HK Monaro

Spotter: Peter

Features hard to find and replicate details such as a Bultaco sticker, Essendon Rowing Club sticker. Clearly sporting time worn paint – this could in fact be the ultimate Australian shed find.