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So much more than just a panelvan…

Spotted in Queensland. This is the old car that just keeps on giving!

It’s more than just a panelvan – it’s one and a half panelvans!

It’s more than just a Sandman – it’s one and a half Sandmans!

It’s more than just a coffee cart – It’s a Sandman Panelvan with a Sandman trailer that has a real coffee machine in it!

This is the totally portable ANOCSC office with mags!

And it’s got a surfboard on top… #nothingmoretosay

Brocky’s Torana – Smokin’

The only way to pick up the shopping… in Brocky’s Torrie. Somehow I don’t think you’d fit the week’s groceries in the boot.

A quiet neighbourhood, picket fences and roof racks

Lose the roof racks and you’ve got the coolest car in the street. With the roof racks, it’s Nanna’s car about to head off on a vacation to visit the In-Laws.

1961 BF Holden

Holden released a very limited run of the 1961 BF Holden. This model came about when one of the guys on the assembly line, in a momentary lapse of concentration, bolted the rear panels of the car on to the front of the car. Rob, a young, up and coming designer (who went on to work in the GM studios in Los Angeles designing concept cars for movies and car shows) just happened to be out in the assembly factory on that day, saw the mistake and thought it looked really cool. The rest is history; and this is a beautifully restored example which was showcased in Street Machine.

A Perfect Donut By A Perfect Torrie

Definitely not feeling blue about dropping this donut! It’s as perfect as the paintjob and the chrome.

An endless drive into a 70s sky blue horizon


Summer is on its way and all roads lead to the beach when you’re in a Sandman.

1967 Holden Trailer


Holden hubcaps. Holden Special badge. Holden Trailer. Pushing a Ford down the road.

All Dressed Up And Out On Show – Sweeeeet!


HT with dress rims and spats.  Looks like it was driven off the showroom floor, parked here and kept in pristine condition ever since.

8 vs 4 – Steel vs Plastic – Mags vs Hubcaps – Torana vs Prius


A very nervous looking Prius wishing it wasn’t quite so boxy and plasticky in front of the Torry.

Hmmm, Today Do I feel Vintage (with or without roof), Old Skool Holden or Rockin’ Customline?

So many choices. So many options within those choices. So happy to have this conundrum.

LJ Torana – Tuff AF


Spotted this LJ in a crummy carpark – ensuring there were no Nissan Micra’s around trying to stir up any trouble. You know the type: 2″ muffler tip, LED lights underneath, a ridiculously large taco sitting on the dash (and it’s an auto) and a $5k stereo blasting doof doof music. Nothing like the understated power of a V8 Torrie to scare off the plastic wannabe brigade.

FX Of A Post New Year’s Day Recovery


The ANOCSC crew used the post New Year’s Day day to visit the Red Hill Market in Southern Victoria. The salt and vinegar potato twists soaked up any excess from the last two days and we completed the day with a magnificent lamb souvlaki. No more after effects. Did you see what we did there? (FX – effects). Gold!!!