Category: Ford

Black Mustang

South Melbourne, April 2012

Spotter: Kelly


This is a Black Mustang.  It appears that Mustangs like this are spreading like a virus in the inner Melbourne suburbs.  They are having a detrimental effect on the local early Falcon scene.

Mustang by the Bay

Mustang Mike (a long time ANOCSC spotter) drove to the ANOCSC Family Beach Day in his cool coupe. Unfortunately, the lure of Bunnings in Hastings was too much; and he spent the day wandering up and down the aisles of the hardware goliath.

XM Falcon 1964

Hawthorn, April 2012
Spotter: Astrid

Precocious Porsche 356 just would not get out of the way – typical – always wanting to overshadow our home grown treasures…

Expert spotter technique employed here. Our upcoming “Spotting in urban areas” course will take you through techniques employed here.

Thunderbird and Valiant

Spotter: Aaron

Nice pair of cars – but I’m actually wondering if they’re a hologram – they haven’t moved from this spot in about two years.

XW Stationwagon

Feb 2012
Spotter: Peter

Like a mirage, this long cool drink of water turned up one day parked under a palm tree. Standard height, venetians and wind deflector.