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A Model Ford Gone Bush


Sick of the city slickers, this A Model Ford went bush. It sings like a Kookaburra and flies like a bush pig. And when it wants some downtime, it opens the hood and plays a quick game of chess.

Cue AC/DC’s Thunderstruck…


Ok, so it’s a bad headline… but this T-Bird rocks like Angus!

1934 Ford Cruiser – Perfect For The Bread And A Haircut


The Cruiser has the perfect size boot for buying a loaf of bread. Throw in a haircut and it’s a perfect day out.

Zzzzzzzzzd – Nothing to snooze at here


1970 ZD Fairlane.  Another rockin’ machine from the North.

1955 Ford Customline – Cruisin’ North Aussie Style

imageGoing out cruisin’ on Saturday night North Aussie style… except that it’s a Yank Tank…

A Sweet Thing To Spend That Tax Return On


It’s that time of year that the Government is happy to send you money to spend on your toy.

Ford F100 – So Much Better Than Fast Food


The F100’s arches are so much better for you than the yellow ones behind.

Allan Always Looked Great in Red And Blue Stripes


1977 Ford XC Coupe Moffat replica with authenticate Moffat signature on the glove box.


Any Colour… As Long As It’s Sort Of Reddish


A nice pair of 32’s and a very schmick 1947 Ford Pilot

The Perkiest Rear End In The Parking Lot


There was no passing by this 62 Galaxie without taking a second look. When you’ve got it, flaunt it. And she was showing a great set of tail lights!

These Are The Same Car – Can You Spot The 106,874 Differences?

carthunderbirdcalifornia carfordthunderbirdsunburst

Whilst these are obviously the same car, there are 106,874 differences. Can you spot them all?

Sunburst Thunderbird


Glowing like a glorious sunrise, spotting this Thunderbird was like a shot of coffee first thing in the morning.