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Dodge Charger – Tuffer Than A Really Tuff Thing


Spotted in Esk, Queensland. Just Awesome.

Vintage CFA Dodge Firetruck With Doggy Trailer

DSC_7491 - Copy

Eagle eye ANOCSC spotter James saw this Vintage CFA Dodge Firetruck cruising down the highway at a very sedate pace. Fortunately it was only a small fire it was attending that was not considered to be a danger to people, property, stock, snails, grass or anything flammable. In fact, by the time the truck got to the fire, it had put itself out.

Dodge Swinger


Ok – I had to post this ’69 Dodge Dart Swinger 340… I want this car! So much potential…

Dodge Tradesman


Dodge Days! Riding high classic ’70’s Dodge Tradesman 200 van (my guess – 1977). Likely running a 318 or 360 V8, definitely got a Van Halen tape jammed in the player…

Dodge Fest

The Facebook team here at the offices of ANOCSC have gone Dodge mad.

Here’s a sample of what we’ve seen. Make sure you send us (either via or this website – your Dodge photos and we’ll add them to the collection.

Dodge Coronet 1966


Spotter: Anne Oskes

Location: California

A little bit exciting… 1966 Dodge Coronet 383 Hemi… minimal paint… mmm…

Damn Cool Dodge

Spotter: Vinnie

Location: Glenrowan

Low. Ludicrously long. Love it.

Big Dodge

Spotted this in my driveway


FOR SALE – $1500 OBO

Cool Signwriting (with a pretty nice Dodge underneath)

It’s old, it’s a Dodge and it’s got signwriting.

It’s cool.