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The Light Blue Datsun 4 Wheel Driving Club

The Light Blue Datsun 4 Wheel Driving club just completed one of their toughest weekends tearing up the Mount Waverley Village carpark.

The Mount Waverley carpark is one of the more difficult to reach “get aways” with few casual visitors who actually make the trek all the way in. There are a couple of chicken out areas where drivers have opted to turn back, as the descent into the lower underground carpark is technically difficult, with severe side angles on a very rocky, loose shale and rocky step off.
The closet cafe with decent coffee is a further 5 kilometres deeper into the second level (Yellow section) carpark. With extremely steep sided valleys all around it is very spectacular visually, but the best is yet to come. Ascending to two super challenging climbs both with loose rock and deep erosion channels, the first climb/scrabble/scramble gives you a nice view of the Post Office, but you still need to tackle the descent into the IGA loading bay using the low range low gear. This is definitely rear diff locked and eyes wide open stuff.  This is, without a doubt, one outing that will take some beating.


The rare hibernating Datsun 120Y


After months and months of hunting for the elusive Datsun 120Y, keen ANOCSC spotter, Maisy found this 120Y hibernating in a Carlton carpark. It looked like it was rugged up for the winter – preparing for a long summer of cruising, overheating, breaking down, rusting, and being towed back to it’s place of rest – in order to prepare for the following summer.


Datsun 120Y

Spotter: Spagettibones

Location: Cranbourne, Victoria

ANOCSC still very lo-fi – even with video footage…

Datsun 180B

Spotter: Aaron

Location: Rolling off the Datsun factory floor

The cleanest, straightest, most original, tidiest Datsun 180B in the entire universe.

It could’ve just rolled off the Datsun factory floor (if there was still a Datsun factory… and if it was the mid 70’s).

drug shoes, 120y, youth

Spotter: Charlie

Location: Prahran

drug shoes, 120y, youth… Recent ANOCSC sighting of a 120Y – the facts are now clear – wherever there is a 120Y, there is trouble brewing… As a Nation where did we go wrong with the 120Y?